When 3 of the Most Important People from School is Beside U

When you met the head principal of your school, your heart rate would be like…150 something, but when you met 1 principal plus 2 of the most important people in the school, I guess, you going to have a heart attack. Today, about 11am, 3 of the most important people in the school came to our studio to have a visit, I was nervous but at the same time I feel exciting for this. Though a few minutes later I was already getting used to it. Sometimes I even helped Ms.Emily (Our Head Principal) to create 1 or 2 of the pots. Time passed by quickly, it was the time to eat our dinner. During the dinner we had a lot of fun. We laughed, we joked… Gods, it was great. Today has been a great day, it has also taught me about the steps to become a successful artisan. Such as, sometimes, to become a successful artisan, it also means to become a teacher yourself and try to help others, then you will find out your own weakness, you can try to change it!


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