The Magic Bowl

Wake up! Wake up! It was the day when we went to visit the Kiln museum. The day when I found the music bowl. As we arrived at the museum I found out somethings, the museum is not a large indoor building…it is like a huge park that has the best natural environment we had ever seen. After visiting some interesting places in the park, we went to a long narrow hallway, where a bunch of pottery master are creating thousands of cups and bowls in a god like speed. It was amazing! Then I found the magic bowl. You see…(Well you can’t really see it) the bowls that the masters create can produce a smooth, high pitch voice, it was very interesting. Anyway, after a whole day of adventure, (Seeing the ceramics instruments, the magic bowls…etc) I learned about our main topic question. How to become a successful artisan? Well the one of the answer is, just be happy about your work, don’t work in frustration.


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