My project vs the masters

WASSUUUUUUUUP?! Thank you for reading my wonderful blog! We had to finish our independent project because it was our last day in the studio. I had a difficult time because most of my bowls shattered. I started off with fourteen things and ended up with three bowls, two beads, three plates and two vases. I made some beads for my friends yesterday but when I was glazing them, all but two of them broke. I was very upset and I still am, however, I am hoping that the two beads that survived will turn out okay. Most of my bowls shattered because I was not careful enough. I grabbed them by the rim or I left them on the ledge of the table. I should have payed more attention to what I was doing. One thing that I think I did well was glazing. I spray glazed everything because I waned everything to be clean and even. Now that I think about it, I should wait until I see my fired pieces before I say too much.

Today we went to the kiln museum. I got to witness pottery masters at work. Each master had his/her own strong point. Some threw, some trimmed, some glazed and some carved! One thing that they all  had in common was that every single piece of artwork was beautiful! Everyone was so talented, no wonder they are certified master potters! I learned that it was hard to be a master artisan because of factories. People don’t want to pay for their art because they can have a bowl made in factory for thirty kuai. People do not appreciate true art as much as they should nowadays. 

Ms. A taught us about pricing at lunch today. You have to find the price point for whatever you are selling in order for your business to be a success. For example: If you are selling very simple hand made cups, you can’t price it at 1,000 kuai for a cup because a lot of people can make simple cups for cheaper. You also can’t sell them for one kuai because people won’t believe that you are selling handmade items for that cheap. But, if you sell them for ten kuai, more people will buy your cups!


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