Last Workday

Here’s the thing, we’re in a cat cafe right now with an actual alive cat roaming around somewhere. The temptation to leave you guys hanging and go pet the cat is overwhelming, so you’re welcome that I’m actually gonna write on.

Yesterday was our final day. That meant that all our work needs to be trimmed, glazed, and ready to go into the kiln. We had the pleasure to have Mr.Bonin, Mrs.SargentBeasly and Mrs.Leong visit os for one whole day to check out the Air Jingdezhen program, which was really cool. They were all really nice and warm and asked us a lot of question abou the program. It was fun seeing them trying to throw on the wheel and having more success and I had on my first time. When reachign the afternoon, I realized that I was on a tight schedual and might not have enough time to glaze everything I wanted to. I handed all my trimming to Mr.Wang and went on to galzing. In reflection, I thingk I spent too much time picking out the glaze I wanted to go with and that lead to me having to say good bye to a lot of my artworks, they either had to be clear glazed or thrown away. However, I managed to get my main project finished in time which was my priority. During the process of glazing, I came across this cup that I really liked back from when I first saw it on the first day we came into his studio and asked Mr.Wnag wether it was for sale. He said that he was selling for  friend for 50 rmb each, that’s when I knew I had to buy it. I expected it to be at least 80 rmb but 50 was not a number I was prepared for. I bought the cup to give it to my mom. I just love the design, and the color, and everything about it. I might as well keep it as my own.



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