Kiln Museum

Today we went to the Kiln Museum, where we interviewed masters that made bowls and pots using the tradition methods. They are all pretty old and it’s fascinating to see their determination through their projects that they work on. I saw one old lady who was in charge of carving all the tiny detailed pattern on the glaze that would be seen under the sunlight. Those tiny details held me astonished. I could not believe that that old lady had enough determination and skill to be capable of completing such impossible task. She is truly amazing. All of them are, really. The sad part is, they are likely to be the last generation who are willing to do this anymore. Their work isn’t appreciated ever since people invented machines to do the work for them. Being a potter used to be such a proud job to have, it’s just people don’t appreciate hand made work anymore. We came across this master who drew animals on plates with brushes. The animals were so detailed that you could see each and every fur and its direction. I’ve truly met some incredible people today.


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