Day 11 & 12- NEEDLE little help?

Day 11- I woke up today feeling sad because it was one of the last days here in Jingdezhen. I FINALLY had the strength to go to the gym and then had Taichi. When we arrived at the studio, we learned about the chemistry of pottery. I found out that different metals make different colors for glazes. I also learned how the firing process works, and all the materials in glazes. After that, we had our last day of AIR time and also our last day in the studio. It was really rushed at the end, but overall, I got everything I needed to do finished. I completed my independent project but wished that there was more time for it. 


Day 12- Today was a day that was slightly different from the others. We headed to the kiln museum to see how porcelain was made back then. At the museum, there were many old people working with porcelain the traditional and older ways. I found it really interesting how they made the wheel work without electricity. I was also amazed at how fast they were at their jobs of painting, carving, or throwing. We also stopped by some shops to get some art and clay supplies.

Today, we were also explained that pricing and business is important in art too. This allowed me to realize that you can’t be sell things and expect to be successful without any knowledge on how to sell things. Throughout this trip, we focused mainly on the question “What does it take to be a successful artisan?” I really understood that to be a successful artisan, we don’t have to be rich or famous. As long as the artist has a passion or loves their job, they are a successful artisan.


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